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There are worlds of each of us that we create every day, and the reality in which we exist together. Space — is a variation of scenarios about what around us and over the ocean. This space is concentrated on a portion of local views in the global chain of events. Everyone — part of something bigger, but we are all together. It's time to understand it. This year's talks about what we can give to the world and how the world can share experience with Ukraine. How to change the community, to move world to new paradigms, make innovation accessible tools to interact in society, how to deceive nature to live longer, how to be local among strangers and become an agent of changes? We collect most interesting speakers, we look for those who dandruff this rock and convinced that front — the only victory. We whirlwind of madness easy, we know that the most loyal thing in life — is changing, and if you are one of us, we are waiting for you!

Event Speakers


Yurko Fylyuk


Urbanist, traveler, dreamer, co-founder of the «Warm City» (Ivano-Frankivsk). Yurko with his team know how to fill every day a small town with new content and new future: no theory, but the practice of responsibility and love of the space in which we live.


David Bismark

Voting system designer

PhD in Verifiable Electronic Voting from the University of Surrey in Guildford, UK (2011), founder and CEO of Swedish book publishing firm «Recito Förlag AB». His research interests include remote electronic voting and its verifiability and transparency. In the summer of 2010 David gave a talk about his research at TED Global in Oxford, UK.


Alexander Koliada


Researcher at Epigenetics Laboratory of the Institute of Gerontology AMS, co-founder of the American company Titanovo. Alexander has been studying the genetics of aging, investigating genes that allow the old-timers "trick" nature. What makes us unique and what science does today to help us live forever and not age tomorrow let's think and imagine together.


Natalia Antelava


BBC News correspondent in the Caucasus, Central and West Asia, co-founder codastory.com. Lives and works in Tbilisi, travels and writes about Burma, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and so on. Natalia understand what international journalism is and what it really lacks today.


Yaroslav Hrytsak


Doctor of History, Professor Ukrainian Catholic University, Director of the Institute of Historical Research. He teaches at the Central European University (Hungary), Harvard (USA), NaUKMA (Ukraine). Member of Univ and Nestorivska expert groups. Which values influence the development of Ukrainian society, and what Ukraine can offer to the world and itself — will analyze together.


David Braun

Volunteer, entrepreneur

The founder of the "People's Project". David was born in Georgia but grew up in Ukraine. Successful implementation of the projects David contrasts the existing social pattern "detachment", arguing that synergy creates real miracles.


Georgiy Matviyiv

Bandurist innovator

Georgiy is a bandurist virtuoso from Odessa, Ukraine. He is a composer, an instructor at the A. V. Nezhdanov Odessa National Musical Academy, soloint of ensemble "Chaika" and the winner of many international academic and jazz competitions. He is the inventor of many new, modern techniques for playing the bandura, the traditional musical instrument of Ukraine. Magic of contemporary music creation through ethnic sounds of bandura — something that inspires George, because not only gives pleasure, but also tells the world about the great traditions of Ukrainian music with a breath of modernity.


Next speaker

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