TEDxKyivWomen 2019:

Fedoriv Hub, 07.12.2019

They are not afraid of challenges. They do not stop after failures. They do not act under something but come out against it. They are bold and brilliant. By the way, they are each and one of us!

Well, on December 7, we will assemble to hear ideas worth spreading from Ukrainian TEDx speakers. We will be among the first ones to hear the brand-new talks from the TEDWomen Global Conference that will be held in California.

The TEDxWomen event covers not only the topic of gender equality. You will hear the talks of innovators who bravely challenge the major issues of the present in various fields, share their achievements and act as role models motivating by their examples to new accomplishments.


#TEDxKyivWomen2019 suggests you:

  • the brand-new ideas worth spreading: exciting talks by Ukrainian speakers offline and the global TEDWomen broadcast from California,
  • a platform for networking, sharing ideas, making discoveries, and creating collaborations,
  • an area of inspiration and a space free of stereotypes, as we all have our right to fulfill our potential and become whoever we wanna be.


We invite everyone to be inspired by the successes of women and girls from around the world and encourage to address the challenges of the present!

Maryna Khromykh

Public activist

Iryna Slavinska

Coordinator of blood donors

Yanina Sokolova


Maryna Krut


Olha Makar

Homeless care coordinator