Mark Livin

“At 19 I worked as a typesetter for a regional newspaper. In one issue on the second cover there was an interview with the cynologists under the heading "Dog is a human’s best friend". On the last was a conversation with the then chairman of one of the parties in section "Current Interview". At the last moment, the editor-in-chief asked me to swap materials. I moved the texts and images but forgot about the sections. The next day the newspaper was published and on the second page you could see a big photo of a top-rated politician with the signature "Dog is a human’s best friend". Here is a story that Mark Levin, our next speaker, shared with us. Perhaps there would be an excerpt of his book or a detailed blog with funny stories instead of the typical announcement because Mark Livin is a writer, publisher of The Village Ukraine and Inspired. He is convinced that the plots that accompany humanity remain unchanged, only formats and playback types are constantly being transformed. So even in 100 years the writer would write texts and books. And also Mark is not afraid of mistakes: "Troubles are empirically exploring ourselves and the world."

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