TEDxYouth@Kyiv 2019:
Celebrate troubles

Kyiv, 14.09.2019

We celebrate troubles, destroy myths and get inspired by ideas that change the world.

Steven Spielberg twice tried to enter film school at the University of Southern California, but he failed. Thomas Edison's teachers kept saying that he was too foolish. Michael Jordan was kicked out of the school basketball team. And Winston Churchill repeated that success is the ability to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

Celebrate troubles — is the topic of the TEDxYouth@Kyiv conference. This is about the unpredictable, unfair and even hopeless situations we get into. We may hate them and try to avoid. But they are pushing us to expand the boundaries of our possibilities.

So what to expect from TEDxYouth@Kyiv 2019? Ideas that motivate to reject fear and start acting. People with blazing eyes. Delicious catering, bombshell merch and a bunch of activities in the lounge area.

Tory Polska



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Tetiana Evloeva