How to speak at TEDxKyiv?
Fill in the form on our website. You can either nominate yourself or the person you know. Remember that the idea is the main thing that matters. It should be unique and belong to the nominee. We will reach a nominee if we are interested in the idea. If the nominee doesn't receive a feedback ─ don't worry but improve the idea and try again!
One can't buy an opportunity to speak at our conference. We don't pay our speakers either. 
The selection process and preparation of speeches starts a year in advance of the event and lasts till the very start of the conference.
How to join the TEDxKyiv team?
We publish currently open positions on the website in the form for volunteers and our social media. Please remember that the TEDxKyiv team works only on a voluntary basis. Fill in the form and tell us how you can help us. 
We also open the call for volunteers before the events. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about the start of the call.
Can I organize a TEDx event in my university or town?
Yes. You should get to know the TEDx rules and fill in the form for getting a license from the central TED office. The event can be held within one street, region, school, university or town. The standard license allows to hold an event for up to 100 guests. 
Getting a license is free of charge, but remember that getting a profit from TEDx is strictly forbidden. The tickets cost has to cover the organizational expenses only. Text us and we'll advise on how to make a successful request for the license.
When will the next TEDxKyiv event take place?
In 2021! Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Telegram, Instagram) or subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to find out about our further events! 
How can I contribute to TEDxKyiv?
We always welcome help from people who want to spread worthy progressive ideas in Ukraine!
You can help us by becoming a partner, by nominating a speaker whose idea can change the world or by becoming our volunteer.