Fight for Ukraine. Online exhibition

Seven months have passed since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The endless challenge for each of us whose home was attacked by the Russian army. Rocket attacks, air raids, months of occupation or forced emigration, pain, despair, and sadness. It is difficult to list all the horrors of war, and it will take years to understand this experience. However, people use art when there is a loss for words.
TEDxKyiv publishes the works of our illustrators, who depicted their vision of these terrible events.
Independence. Maria Zhuravel
Shelter. Maria Zhuravel
I love you, soldier. Maria Zhuravel
Feeling. Maria Zhuravel
Thank you, Armed Forces of Ukraine. Iryna Kostyrenko
So far from God in smoky cities. Iryna Kostyrenko
While your heart burns temper it with fire and sword. Iryna Kostyrenko
Welcome to the family. Valeria Shumeiko
Reveal the truth. Valeria Shumeiko
Wounded land. Valeria Shumeiko
Sad August nights. Valeria Shumeiko

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