We are launching an online magazine!

Over the last 11 years, our team has organized 28 events and prepared more than 200 performances! Our videos got more than 7 millions views from people all over the world!

We have proved ourselves as a powerful platform for presenting unique and relevant to Ukrainian society ideas. We started broadcasting our TEDx talks on national TV and united around us a community of progressive people. What's next?

We understand that the format of offline events significantly limits the number of ideas we can promote. Moreover, the Ukrainian audience is hungry for high-quality and accessible material about the new ideas and latest innovations.

We also aim to promote Ukrainian ideas abroad thus contributing to creating a positive image of Ukraine and Ukrainians around the world.

That is why we have established our own editorial office to create unique content on interesting and complex topics, as well as adapt popular and niche English-language TED materials into Ukrainian, and translate progressive Ukrainian ideas into English!

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